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A Non-Euclidean Quandary

Autumn Vibes


Your dear is my worst fear

Standing next to the cage I need to escape

Lack of failure hung over me like a drape

And now the edge is near

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hey hi anami slovvdiiv and i are tinychatting feel free to join in!!! http://tinychat.com/lr0fj6


Protect autistic people but especially autistic kids and especially especially autistic kids of colour because you know they will not be treated fairly and you know people will accuse them of disrespect when all they’re doing is trying to make sense of an interaction where someone is out to attack them for no apparent reason

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your day may be terrible but your face is hella cute

that is very sweet of you to say but my face is not going to fix the existential crisis that comes with leaving behind everything you’ve ever known in three days anon

but thank you 4 the nice

i want the fuzziest of blankets and the longest of hugs